Agritourism – Rural Tourism in Dubrovnik, Konavle – Eco Tourism Croatia

Agritourism (Rural Eco Tourism) as a specific field of Eco Tourism Croatia has shown intensified demand in the past few years! This is a pleasant method of sustainable tourist development and farm activities in the agricultural sector of Croatia. In addition, more persistent tourists are searching outside the conventional forms of tourism and are therefore seeking alternative experiences.

Eco Tourism Croatia Farm Activities in rural Dubrovnik

Agritourism offers visitors an opportunity to familiarise themselves with agricultural and rural farm activities. They can experience local products, traditional cuisine and the daily lives of local village inhabitants. Visitors to Dubrovnik can explore typical cultural elements of the region, while showing respect for the environment and rural areas. Most of all, Agritourism brings the visitor closer to nature and rural farming activities. The visitor can then participate in and experience the joys of various rural adventures. They can discover and learn how the area thrives without city infrastructure, shopping malls and traffic maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


Our Major Eco Farm Activities