Olive Trees & Oil production

For centuries and still today, the Olive Tree confines crucial importance of a plant that grows throughout the Mediterranean. An Olive branch is a symbol of peace! An olive tree grows fruits that produce olive oil. In addition to its aroma and taste, dishes which are enriched with olive oil are healthy and provide vital benefits to the human metabolism. The Konavle area once was almost entirely covered with olive trees.

Kameni Dvori Olive Trees & Olive Oil Production, CroatiaKameni Dvori Olive Trees & Olive Oil Production, Croatia

In the middle of last century many ceased to cultivate them and olive groves were overgrown with bushes and plants. Recently, taking care of olive trees has started again whereby it is not necessary to plant new olive trees, just scrub and clean the old roots to regenerate growth. Suddenly, the Olive trees start growing again and bearing these fabulous fruits. The Olive Tree simply and patiently waits for valuable hands to take care of it. Quit differently with vineyards, as long as one nourishes and takes care of Vines they will flourish and give abundant grapes. But if once left too long, they are gone forever.


At our farm we have over a hundred olive trees. Every year we renew Olive tree roots of authentic varieties. Growing olives is done solely by the rules of organic farming without the use of pesticides and fertilizer. We produce quality olive oil from our olives and used it almost daily as an ingredient to all our meals. You can purchase our organic olive oil at our farm shop.

If you want to us and you can help restore the olive harvest ripe fruit in the winter months. We will do our best to make it happen is a fun and meaningful holiday. If desired, you can contact us to help and become a guardian of a number of Olive trees in the winter season. We’ll make your stay enjoyable and worth your time.