Organic – Vegetables & Fruits

We produce Organic Vegetables and Fruits for our large family and of course for our distinguished guests. Organic vegetable and fruit cultivation is in our tradition and dates back more than forty years. The tourism industry in the Dubrovnik region demands fresh and high quality fruits and vegetables. Benefits of the Mediterranean climate and plenty of fresh water from the river “Ljuta” allow production throughout the year. The crop fields are given all the necessary fresh water through the hot summer months.

Kameni Dvori Organic Fruits & Vegetables Production, CroatiaKameni Dvori Organic Fruits & Vegetables Production, Croatia

Growing organic fruit and vegetables, and their placement on dining tables is our main activity for the last 40 years.


Today we produce sufficient quantities to supply our families and our special guests that visit “Kameni Dvori”. The production is a mix of traditional and modern gardening. We try to retain many original traditional varieties so that the fruit quality and taste give a special flavour whereby maintaining the rules of organic production as much as possible. Application of organic solvents in the production is essential.