Authentic Souvenir production

The best souvenirs are the ones that will wake up your memories and emotions of a great holiday. Even better, when you can experience them with your senses or treat friends and describe you best holiday impressions over again. In our store you can purchase various homemade products as souvenirs. For now, we offer homemade liqueurs, dried figs, herbal teas, homemade organic soap, lavender cushions and beautiful specimens of the famous Konalve region embroidery.

Kameni Dvori Authentic Souvenir Production, CroatiaKameni Dvori Authentic Souvenir Production, Croatia


Homemade Liqueurs

Premium brandies made of the Dubrovnik Malvasia and Merlot grape vines together with selected fruits, some sugar and plenty of sun. This is the simple recipe for all our liquors; everything else is just minor details. Our products are homemade liqueurs with; Cherry, Loquat, Walnut and Sage as well as natural Grappa. Depending on the harvest of the year we also produce Rose, Peach and Locust Beans liquor. The pure grappa carries various herbs like; fennel, heather, a few grains of juniper tree, which jujube and Krivaja berries. Our home-made liquor is served in the old tavern and small souvenir bottles of 0.2 litters can be purchased in our shop.


Herbs for Alternative Medicine

At the beginning of the last century, our family produced some aromatic plants, from which products for environmentally friendly insecticide was made. Today we enjoy the same place constructed for drying these plants as the properties best lookout point of the Konavle valley. From a vast variety of Mediterranean aromatic plants our family harvested and collected the following plants;

– Linden flowers – (latin: Tilia) tea for cleansing the digastric tract
– Mint – tea to relieve digestive problems
– Sage (Salvia fruticosa) – mouthwash and relieve for stomach aches.
– St. John’s grass – (Latin. Hypericum Perforatum) as a solvent to heal wounds (with olive oil) and as an antidepressant
– Lavender – Aromatic pillows for Moth protection


Organic Scented Soaps

Some time ago, practise in Konavle was production of homemade soaps for washing purposes made of various cooked fats with ash powder, known as the warm process method. Today, we produce scented organic soaps with an original recipe by the caustic method or cold process. They are made from high-quality homemade olive oil and soda caustics and added natural essences. The production process lasts one month and results an aromatic scented organic soap. The natural ingredients from the olive oil particularly benefit the skin and substitute the today’s chemical cosmetics.


Traditional Konavle Embroidery

Our local Konavle Embroidery is the most recognised and original Konavle souvenir. Today, you can find many souvenirs with such decorative patterns using the original embroidery design e.g. serving coasters or tablecloths. Originally, the embroidery was first used as a decoration of female folklore costumes that decorated the shirt chest and sleeves. Made in several variants, it represents the finest and most valuable part of a costume that is transferred from generation to generation. The embroidery was Hand woven with silk thread and painted with natural colours. Usually, you will see a combination of red, black and green colours embraced with a yellow silk bouquet in the middle that fits beautifully on the dark or light version of attractive female Konavle costume.