Aromatic Plants of the Rural Dubrovnik Region

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Rural Dubrovnik and Aromatic Plants

The benefits and beauty of aromatic plants in the rural Dubrovnik region are truly countless. If you want to learn more about aromatic plants, the Konavle area steps in as the place to go! We organise educational classes embedded into walking tours and plant collecting. This is a wonderful and versatile experience not to be missed! There are truly some magical plants out there!

We can’t go without mentioning Salvia (main photo above, commonly referred to as sage). Although a common plant by the Adriatic Sea, it’s extremely cherished. Boiled in milk with toffee makes a magical cure for even the toughest coughs.

Aromatic Plants used as Souvenirs, Herbs, Medicine and more..

Let’s mention Mandragora for instance, which grows only on the mountain Snježnica in the Mediterranean region. This plant has even been used in Harry Potter books (and movies)!

Why is it magical in real life? Because it’s an aphrodisiac as well as an opiate and an anaesthetic.

No wonder, people have been worshipping it for thousands of years, and not without a reason.

Aromatic Plants Dubrovnik - Aromatic plant Mystic Mandragora plant

Lavender is also a plant you’ve surely heard from! Well known for its relaxing calm smell and purifying presence in nature.

While walking on the slopes of the mountain Snježnica, our knowledgeable host will walk you through all relevant aromatic plants and their benefits.

Even better, in our souvenir shop, you can buy them as herbs or souvenirs, as well as other local products.

Aromatic Plants Dubrovnik - Aromatic plant lavander

On return to Kameni Dvori the group will be treated with a delicious brunch to re-energise and enjoy all the delicacies the region has to offer – prosciutto, cheese, fresh vegetables…yum!

This outing is guaranteed to tickle all your senses and it’s definitely worth your time! Especially if you are in love with aromatic herbs and want to find out more. Kameni Dvori Holiday Village wishes you a warm welcome! The aromatic plants of the rural Dubrovnik region are waiting for you in a specially crafted 1 day Activity “Mystic Mandragora”!

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