Cooking Classes in Dubrovnik, Croatia

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Kameni Dvori Unique Cooking Classes

Recent surveys conducted among many visitors clearly show that Kameni Dvori unique cooking classes are pretty popular. Traditional local food prepared and cooked together with local hosts. It is one of the most valuable experiences in rural tourism. Kameni Dvori started with its cooking classes a few years ago when they had a nice group of young people from Belgium. They wanted to learn how to prepare a traditional dish from the Konavle region in Dubrovnik. They wanted to know how to do this without modern technology, just as our ancestors did centuries ago.

So, all together we picked various fruits and vegetables from our home gardens, brought water from a nearby spring, got some flour from the local water mill and cheese from the neighboring farm. We even started a fire using the sun’s rays. When we collected all the ingredients, we showed our guests how to prepare and cook everything. The final result was a delicious romantic candlelight dinner. The guests were delighted with this new experience. For us, it was a new experience as well.

Cooking Classes starting a fire

Cooking Classes in Dubrovnik

Nowadays, Kameni Dvori regularly organizes similar events for its guests that seek such cooking classes. Believe it or not, it has become one of our most popular programs. We continue to organize them throughout the year, but obviously each season presents different meals. Whichever season or time of year, the desired meal may differ depending on the seasonal vegetables and fruits from our gardens.

Of course, we would like to keep these cooking classes authentic, so we only prepare traditional dishes that are typical for every particular season of the year. In addition, some wild and aromatic plants we use as ingredients are often unavoidable when we prepare authentic dishes. So, we hope that its understandable that each season dictates the choice of a particular dish or meal. However, we hope you value the fact that, we always use fresh local and seasonal ingredients only.

After the usual welcome drink, guests get to learn about our family and the property “Kameni Dvori” holiday village in Konavle. Then we make arrangements about the desired menu and get familiar with all the necessary ingredients that need to be gathered. We then start a fire in a fireplace and the making of delicious domestic bread is the next step. Often, guests are divided into smaller groups and each carry out different tasks. We also often highlight and explain important things about the Konavle region culture, traditions and local lifestyle.

cooking classes bread dough kneading

Together, we always visit some of the locations that have an interesting story. For example, we visit an old Roman aqueduct, the local chapel, a complex of old mills, a forgotten railway tunnel, attractive natural sites and many others. Our guests usually choose the menu „Lovorno skewer“. This is one of our local specialities with meat carefully stacked on the aromatic spit of Laurel and then roasted on an open fire. Laurel give this meal a special taste. Of course, we also teach our visitors how to identify and find Laurel.

Many guests from all around the world enjoyed our cooking classes. Many came from the UK, USA, Scandinavian countries as well as Japan. Actually, the Japanese are very interested in exotic food (from their perspective) and our domestic cuisine. They really want to learn something about our Dubrovnik meals and dishes that is a part of the Mediterranean cuisine. Many believe (we certainly do) that Mediterranean cuisine is healthy and of high quality.

We also find it very interesting when young couples who are on their honeymoon visit us. As they prepare for a family, they often would like to learn some original recipes and have a good time as well. At the end of each cooking class we enjoy delicious food and each participant receives a certificate. If you are interested in learning how to prepare and cook something unusual, but tasteful, please contact us or view more about our home cooking classes.