Countryside Wedding Dubrovnik

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A Countryside Wedding in Konavle, Dubrovnik!

The last couple of years Dubrovnik has become a very popular destination for weddings. Often, weddings in the old city dominate in demand. However, a romantic countryside wedding near Dubrovnik is just as attractive and unique!

Couples from all over the world come here to get married. If you are planning to get married and celebrate with family and best friends, would like to make this day special and unique, come to Kameni Dvori in Konavle to check out this possibility.

It’s an ideal place for a romantic countryside wedding ceremony and wedding dinner or party. Many cherished their countryside wedding day and the beginning of their lives together as a couple here at Kamani Dvori in Konavle.

Countryside Wedding couple Konavle

The peaceful countryside idyll, natural ambience, excellent traditional local food, wine and domestic atmosphere will make the perfect and extraordinary countryside wedding to be remembered!

The most important part is the wedding ceremony itself. Newlyweds often choose a historical location in Dubrovnik. Nevertheless, Kameni Dvori provides a unique location where many held their wedding ceremony. This is an old historic round area surrounded with green lawns and covered with stone slabs.

It’s located exactly in front of the villa and has a beautiful view of the Konavle valley. After the wedding ceremony we organise a cocktail at the pool area.

Countryside Wedding spot Dubrovnik, Konavle

Local quality wines, homemade orange juice and liqueurs, brandy with domestic sweets and fruit are only a part of our offer. For the wedding dinner, our newlyweds often choose our speciality the “Lovorno Skewer” or “Roast Meat under the bell“. All our food and the ingredients are homemade. Most ingredients are directly from our gardens. Grandma “Stane” knows how to prepare delicious traditional dishes and make homemade bread. Our red wine “Merlot” and white “Dubrovnik Malvasija” are excellent local wines to serve with your dinner. We warmly recommend a special Dubrovnik “Malvasija” desseet wine with the wedding cake.

Gala dinner is served with sounds of silent Dalmatian music, or suitable music depending on the newlyweds wishes. A Solo performance can be arranged with “Toto”, with local canzones. The sound of his guitar spice up every celebration.

The Kameni Dvori Tavern Inn is suitable for organising events and weddings for up to 40 guests. Dinner can be served on the terrace in front of the tavern or inside the beautifully decorated old tavern. Old barrels with quality red and white wines as well as smoked meats are here for the tasting, but also as an ornament of the long passed times.

Optionally, accommodation can be provided in the Kameni Dvor luxurious rustic villa for 11 people. Its suitable for couples and their families. If you have more friends who want to be on your countryside wedding day we can also provide additional housing in the neighbourhood.

If you have not yet decided, now is your chance to check this possibility out and contact us for details.

Do not worry about the administrative issues and documentation. Our specialised wedding partners will do this for you. As well as the organization of the wedding ceremony outside of our household.

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