Dubrovnik Countryside by Bike

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Dubrovnik Countryside by Bike – Konavle Area

Do you know what “green exercise” is? As its name suggests, it’s any form of exercise done in the natural environment. Some studies have revealed almost immeasurable differences between indoor and outdoor exercise such as cycling. But, if you opt for exploring the Dubrovnik countryside by bike, not only will your senses be seduced irreversibly, but you will also nurture your overall well-being in this particular Konavle area.

The main benefit of Green Exercise is its ability to prepare the person for the upcoming challenges of daily life after the vacation. Enjoying the Dubrovnik countryside (Konalve area) by bike is more than just beneficial green exercise.

Unique activities during your bike ride through the Konavle area

You will have a unique chance to see how the famous Konavle wine is made!

Needless to say, your pallets will be seduced by the shiniest jewel on the Konavle wine crown – the Malvasia wine.

Its quality and superb taste have been pushed to perfection through centuries of wine making in Konavle.

Dubrovnik Countryside by Bike - Konavle Malvasia Wine Tasting

When visiting the Dubrovnik countryside by bike, you will also visit the ancient Sokol grad fortress boasting its medieval spirit. The fortress was first mentioned in the 14th century, but some claim that human life had been present for thousands of years before that. En route we will also stop by one of the most famous olive oil makers. Tasting the oil with home-made bread, then the olive cake, tea, liqueur… In short, many other delightful bites and sips made from the olive await to disarm you!

We always give our best when interacting with guests and this tour has been tailor-made to suit countryside explorers from almost all walks of life.

The tour gives you a unique opportunity to forge friendships that will last you a lifetime. It will also help boost your social skills and the ability to unwind.
It lasts between three and five hours. There’s also the off-road option for cyclists who like a little challenge. Electrical bikes are coming soon!

Dubrovnik Countryside by Bike - Bikers interacting in Konavle

Allow us to help you explore the stunning Dubrovnik countryside by bike and your vacation will reach a higher level. A level where mere sun, sea and sand just doesn’t do it anymore, where quality wins over quantity. Book your bike tour now!

For more fun, please just contact us.