Grape Picking in Konavle

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Kameni Dvori – Grape Picking in Konavle, Dubrovnik

Grape Picking in Konavle and grapes in general have been a dominant farming culture in the Konavle region for centuries. Historians say the ancient Greeks brought the tradition, the tools, and the methodology. Over the years the people of Konavle have mastered the wine-making process. Now the region has several famous wines known for their strength and fullness of taste (13-15%). The famous one is Malvasia, made from indigenous namesake grape from Dubrovnik. Another wine by Kameni Dvori is the ruby red Merlot. At Kameni Dvori, the Mujo family provides wine tasting at the family’s wine cellar.

The grape picking tour starts with the arrival at the vineyard and a short rest with some sweets and prosecco.

The grape pickers will experience both the traditional and the modern way of grape picking. Later, everyone will enjoy a delicious brunch outside in the fresh air.

Finally, after the tour, everybody will get a chance to visit the cellar where they can try Kameni Dvori house wines before dinner.

Grape Picking in Konavle, Dubrovnik

Grape Picking in Konavle, Dubrovnik

One can even become the patron of wine and his bottled divine nectar will be waiting for them when they come back.

This is a 100-percent secure investment because of the high quality and excellent reputation of Konavle wines.

Konavle people are aware of how precious the grapes are. They have established a centuries-old traditional event called “Trganje”.

In the old days, a nostalgic and archaic event was dedicated to the importance of grape picking and wine making.

Grapes were ceremonially picked, after which people gathered to dance and sing to folklore and live music.

Needless to say, the menu and the wine list are great. People who know how to appreciate wine will enjoy this specially designed program of grape picking in Konavle, Dubrovnik.

Grape Picking in Konavle -

Would You Like to Experience Grape Picking in Konavle, Dubrovnik?

Well, its easy! Knowledge is not that important – only your good will. Come with us on a grape picking and wine adventure tour you will never forget!

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