Unique Konavle Area One Day Adventure Programs – Something for Everybody!

These Programs are custom made to fit a vast number of interests; Gastronomy & Wine, Farm Activities, Cooking School, Walking & Hiking, Nature & Flora, Cycling, etc. The history, nature and traditional way of leaving in the Konavle area (south region of Croatia) is not stressful, rather intact with slow going time and village nature. South Croatia and its mild Mediterranean climate, specific history have strongly influenced the way locals live and enjoy their free time! Of course, the farms activities are all a crucial part their lives. If for any reason it is too peaceful, the medieval City of Dubrovnik with many cultural tourist attractions is only a short drive away.

1 Day Holiday Adventure programs
Eno & Gastro
€ 86
Wine Route of Konavle
Farm Activities
€ 69
Grape Picking Konavle
Cooking Class
€ 73
Local Traditional Cooking
Walk & Hike
€ 54
Tour Roof of Konavle
Nature & Flora
€ 54
Mandragora – Mystic Plant
Bike & Cycling
€ 44
Cycle Heart of Konavle
Note Experience Wine Tasting and meet local winemakers! Pick Grapes and Experience how Wine is Made! Obtain the ingredients & prepare traditional meals! Old paths dating the time of Austro-Hungarian Empire! Hiking the slopes of Mount Snjeznica. Mountain Top at 1234 m. Cycle through 4 villages at the foot of Mount Snjeznica!
Details Details Details Details Details Details
€ 73
Myths & Legends of Konavle
Geo- Historical
€ 33
The Forgotten Tunnel
€ 33
Lovorno thruogh History
Custom Made!
Upon Request!
Note Learn the history of Konavle & region. An opportunity to… Walk through the deserted tunnel in the village of Mihanici… View Historical eras in Konavle, Archaeological and Historical remains… We can organize a custom program according to your wishes!
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