Home Cooking Class – Traditional Dishes from Konavle, Rural Dubrovnik

We familiarise all the participants with the hosts and introduce the cooking class for the day. Depending on the season, we may consider desires and interests of all participants, we then agree on a cooking plan.

This plan can be different depending on the available seasonal crops, the individual desires of participants and their special interests. Once a plan is defined, we go to the kitchen and describe the steps required to achieve the final meals. We outline all the ingredients that we need for the meals.

Konavle Traditional Cooking SchoolKonavle Traditional Cooking School

The first step is making homemade bread (grandma will activate the yeast) and each participant will knead their own bread. While the bread rises, we go to our garden and collect the necessary ingredients, gather fresh eggs and grandma teaches us how to make tasty traditional food with those same ingredients.


The best known original dishes from the Konavle area are; Zelena & Bijela (white and green) Menestra, Roasts prepared under a baking lid (bell), Skewer on a laurel stick, asparagus as well as everything else listed on the “Kameni Dvori” menus.

The program starts in the afternoon. The participants are first divided into groups, after which the selection of dishes and the sharing of all tasks are agreed. Every group is under the guidance of a host – the host is the one who will explain about the ingredients and the food preparation process. Please, do not forget that all the dishes will be prepared in a traditional manner, i.e. without electricity and modern kitchen appliance but with the help of a fireplace and water coming from the local well. The evening ends with a big dinner, which is the best opportunity to exchange new experiences and for the handing out of certificates.

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  • Included: dinner, education
  • Program and professional guidance
  • Optional Pick Up or Transfer to/from your location in Dubrovnik is not included. This can be arranged in advanced with the host.
  • Price: € 73

  • Total program lasts: 5 hours
  • Min. number of participants: 2
  • Note: This program can be reorganised depending on the wishes of the group, weather conditions and other unplanned developments. The hosts and partners will undertake every step to offer their guests diverse and secure adventures. All this means that the original program can be changed without previous notice in order to achieve a higher degree of comfort for the participants and to avoid possible risks which might be caused by unexpected weather conditions and other circumstances.

This Program is offered throughout the year. The departure date may be defined mutually, depending on the group size.

  • You will need nothing but your eyes, ears and hands!
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