The Forgotten Tunnel

Let’s take a walk through the deserted tunnel in the village of Mihanici. During the last century, a train by the name of “Ciro” would pass through the tunnel, connecting the villages of Konavle with the rest of the world. Recently, this tunnel has become a habitat for cave bats.

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The Forgotten Tunnel in Konavle, CroatiaThe Forgotten Tunnel in Konavle, Croatia


At the beginning of the 20th century till 1964, this tunnel and the Mihanici Railway station used to be a very busy junction point. Numerous inhabitants from Konavle and the surrounding area would take the train to transport their agricultural products to their neighbours living in the hinterland for sale. In the year 1964 the train, popularly called “Ciro”, was stopped and the railway and tunnel was abandoned and forgotten.

The program starts with the transfer from the Kameni Dvori to the village of Mihanici. Then, in company of a guide, follows a 20 minute walk towards the tunnel which has become the home to numerous bats. This location hides also other interesting secrets which you will discover only by participating in this program and by visiting one of the most beautiful tunnels in the Mediterranean area.

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  • Included: sightseeing according to program
  • Transportation during the program and professional guidance
  • Price: € 33

  • Total hiking lasts: 45 min
  • Total program lasts: 2 hours
  • Min. number of participants: 2
  • Max. number of participants: 11
  • Total ascent: 30 meters
  • Total descent: 30 meters
  • Note: This program can be reorganized depending on the wishes of the group, weather conditions and other unplanned developments. The hosts and partners will undertake every step to offer their guests diverse and secure adventures. All this means that the orginal program can be changed without previous notice in order to achieve a higher degree of comfort for the participants and to avoid possible risks which might be caused by unexpected weather conditions and other circumstances.

This Program is offered throughout the year. The departure date may be defined mutualy, depending on the group size.

  • Necessary equipment: sports shoes with relatively stiff soles, sports/leisure clothes
  • You can also book your preferred Program directly by; Mobile:+385 98 913 4758, Mobile:+385 98 613 199
    or by Fax: +385 20 797 056

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