Mount Snjeznica in Konavle

Hiking an old Path dated back to time of the Austro-Hungarian Empire we reach the peak of the Mountain Snjeznica at 1234 meters above sea level. This gives you the opportunity to take a look at the mountain village Kuna, to visit the pits, caves, sinkholes, rocks, Illyrian ponds/pools and to encounter the phenomenon of this outstanding rocky area.

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Roof of Konavle, Hiking the Snijeznica mountainRoof of Konavle, Hiking the Snijeznica mountain


The Snjeznica Mountain belongs to the highest Croatian mountains and represents a part of the Dinara massif. It dominates the Konavle region, always provoking the admiration of inhabitants and visitors. This mythical mountain is the theme of numerous folk songs. The mountain’s southern slopes are covered by the mysterious plant Mandragora. It is quite often the case that during wintertime the Snjeznica is covered in snow, while in Konavle itself snow remains a rare phenomenon.

The program starts with the transfer from the Kameni Dvori to the picturesque village of Kuna which is located at 680 meters above sea level. It counts a small number of inhabitants and offers interesting examples of original stone architecture. What follows are visits to the local farms and homes in order to experience an almost forgotten life-style, the tasting of homemade herbal tea (with hand-picked mountain herbs) and finally arriving at the mountain top after visiting the prehistoric Illyrian ponds and the site of the Glogova jama (pit). The hiking uphill towards the top continues via a path which has been constructed in the time of the Austro-Hungarian Empire at the beginning of the 20th century. The path offers a beautiful view of Konavle, the Orijen massif in neighbouring Montenegro and the South Adriatic. After reaching the ”Roof of Konavle” we usually take a short break in order to take pictures and to prepare a mountain picnic-lunch. After lunch we return to the village of Kuna, followed by the transfer towards Kameni Dvori.

Total ascent: 550 meters
Total descent: 550 meters
Total length of trail: approx. 8 km

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  • Included: picnic-lunch
  • Visiting of rural households, tea break
  • Transportation during the program and professional guide
  • Price: € 54

  • Total hiking: 5 hours
  • Total program lasts: 8 hours
  • Min. number of participants: 5
  • Max. number of participants: 11
  • Note: This program can be reorganized depending on the wishes of the group, weather conditions and other unplanned developments. The hosts and partners will undertake every step to offer their guests diverse and secure adventures. All this means that the original program can be changed without previous notice in order to achieve a higher degree of comfort for the participants and to avoid possible risks which might be caused by unexpected weather conditions and other circumstances.

Program is being offered during the period: from March 15th till July 15th and from August 15th till November 15th. The departure date may be defined mutualy, depending on the group size.

  • Necessary equipment: hiking boots (or at least sports boots with more or less stiff soles), comfortable and light clothing for the protection from wind, sun and rain, as well as fluids/water (min. of 1 liter)
  • Recommended time for departure: 7.30 am
  • You can also book your preferred Program directly by; Mobile:+385 98 913 4758, Mobile:+385 98 613 199
    or by Fax: +385 20 797 056

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