Lovorno throughout History

A short review of historical areas in Konavle, accompanied by archaeological and historical remains of our small village “Lovorno”. Illirian tombstones, roman aqueducts, remains of a rustic very old villa, medieval legends, interesting conflicts and reconciliations inscribed in stone.

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Konavle, Lovorno thru History, CroatiaKonavle, Lovorno thru History, Croatia


Lovorno is one of 32 villages situated in the Konavle region. Counting approximately 150 inhabitants it is not very different from all the others villages, only that it has some very interesting historical remains which make it possible to reconstruct the past starting from the earliest times till today. Let’s take a stroll down memory lane and listen to interesting and intriguing stories about the lives led by the people of this village.

The program starts with a tour of St. Anne’s Chapel overlooking the rural complex Groti telling the story of the host’s family. Closer to the south, one can see the remains of a Roman aqueduct, a channel which used to supply with water the ancient Epidaurus (today known as Cavtat). From those days date also the remains of the villa rustic. Of great interest to visitors is also the site of St. Elijah’s (sv. Ilija), enriched through many stories from ancient times.

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  • Sightseeing according to program
  • Transportation during the program and professional guidance
  • Price: € 33

  • Total program lasts: 3 hours
  • Min. number of participants: 5
  • Max. number of participants: 11
  • Note: This program can be reorganized depending on the wishes of the group, weather conditions and other unplanned developments. The hosts and partners will undertake every step to offer their guests diverse and secure adventures. All this means that the original program can be changed without previous notice in order to achieve a higher degree of comfort for the participants and to avoid possible risks which might be caused by unexpected weather conditions and other circumstances.

This Program is offered throughout the year. The departure date may be defined mutualy, depending on the group size.

  • Necessary equipment: sports shoes with relatively stiff soles, leisure clothing
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