The Dubrovnik Area Past

This program was created for those who want to visit the authentic sites of this region’s history. It is interesting to get to know the past of Konavle by ‘meeting’ the region’s figures from ancient times. This program offers you the opportunity to find out more about the area’s crucial periods in history in a humorous and educative way. The tour, including authentic and historical sites, ends with a multimedia presentation.

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  • 1st DAY – Arrival at Kameni Dvori
  • 2nd Day – Myths & Legends
  • Last Day – Forgotten Tunnel or visit Dubrovnik; Departure
Dubrovnik Area PastDubrovnik Area Past

The journey continues with a visit of the deserted tunnel in the village of Mihanici. During the last century, a train by the name of Ciro would pass through the tunnel, connecting the villages of Konavle with the rest of the world. Recently the tunnel has become a habitat for cave bats!


1st DAY – Arrival at Kameni Dvori
Arrival at Kameni Dvori in the afternoon. Accommodation. (Should you arrive by plane at the Dubrovnik Airport, a transfer will be organized for you.) Welcome drink and tour around Kameni Dvori. Presentation of the program will be followed by dinner and overnight.

2nd Day – Historical route
After breakfast, follows the transfer to the village of Mikulici. The search starts in the company of a professional guide at the site of a prehistoric tomb of an unknown dignitary (ilirska gomila). It continues with the quest for Greek deities hidden in the Konavle rocks beneath the village Popovici. After finding the roman sanctified place, a thematic brunch follows. We continue our search for the Lorko, the chained ghost which still lies captured in the medieval monastery wall. Next visit is to Sokol (Hawk) castle, the important historical location, which is tied to a very old legend about the origin of Konavle. (Program lasts for 6 hours.) Break in the afternoon followed by traditional dinner and overnight

Last Day – Forgotten Tunnel or visit Dubrovnik; Departure
After breakfast the program starts with the transfer from the Kameni Dvori to the railway in the village of Mihanici. Then, in company of a guide, follows a 20 minute walk towards the tunnel which has become the home to numerous bats. This location hides also other interesting secrets which you will discover only by participating in this program and by visiting one of the most beautiful tunnels in the Mediterranean area. At the end of the program follows the return to Kameni Dvori.

Optionally Lunch can be prepared prior departure.

This program may be exchanged with a visit to Dubrovnik.

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  • 2 Half Boards at Kameni Dvori
  • Brunch at the Carevina
  • Tickets & Presentations
  • Wine tasting
  • PRICE: € 235
    Additional costs: for single room: € 35, Transfer: Airport – Kameni Dvori v.v.  € 13

  • Minimum number of participants: 2
  • Max. number of participants: 11
  • Note: This program can be reorganized depending on the wishes of the group, weather conditions and other unplanned developments. The hosts and partners will undertake every step to offer their guests diverse and secure adventures. All this means that the original program can be changed without previous notice in order to achieve a higher degree of comfort for the participants and to avoid possible risks which might be caused by unexpected weather conditions and other circumstances.

  • This Program is offered from March 15th till June 15th and September 15th till December 15th.
  • In case that the group counts more then 5 guests/participants, the starting date of the program can be set up according to the group’s wishes.
  • Necessary equipment: Preferably sports boots/shoes with more or less stiff soles, comfortable and light clothing.
  • Note: The program planned for the 3rd day, depending on time of arrival and departure is also possible to organize on the day of the arrival.
  • You can also book your preferred Program directly by; Mobile:+385 98 913 4758, Mobile:+385 98 613 199
    or by Fax: +385 20 797 056

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