Hotel or Villa For Your Next Holiday?

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Hotel or Villa – What Do Friends & Family Choose?

The time for summer holidays just started. Everyone seeks their own ideal destination and the best type of accommodation to spend an exciting, comfortable and relaxing holiday. Regardless of age, interests and budget everyone tries to find a suitable location and type of holiday by comparing and researching. Sometimes, it’s not an easy task, especially if you do not have enough trustworthy information. Often, many rely on little bits of information from massive media advertisements, others tend to exchange experiences and follow honest friendly recommendations.

For those that target their summer vacation with friends and family, children or colleges (from 4 to 11 people) are usually challenged by one major question „Hotel or Villa“? These two distinct options come up whenever a small group of friends or family plan to travel together. Middle-sized groups can enjoy many benefits at either a Hotel or Villa likewise?

We view a few major differences between a typical 4-5 star hotel or villa (holiday home). Both, at an attractive destination that should provide you with maximum comfort, excitement and meet your budget. Let’s view some things you may easily recognise and rather not prefer, compared with some things we think you just might find more attractive?

Typical 4-5 Star Holiday Hotels

Here we look at average 4-5 star hotels. Most, offer a variety of options. However, many of them are still very similar.

  • A big smile on the face of the person at the hotel entrance, if not away carrying someone else’s baggage.
  • A large decorated reception lobby crowded by tourists, often with a terrace and nice sea view.
  • Holiday hotels usually recollect memories from previous holiday destinations as they are quite the same.
  • Relatively small modern equipped rooms. You may get two rooms (with connected doors) if available.
  • You constantly meet silent passing strangers through the hallways and while waiting for the elevator lift.
  • In the room, a small table, an apple or fruits that usually await the next day chamber made to take away.
  • Next to the fruit a color printed welcome note from the manager with a list of highlights and hotel awards achieved.
  • Breakfast is great, everything is beautifully arranged, an endless choice. Skilful chefs constantly preparing something, but on the third day you think you’ve tried everything and all tastes pretty much the same.
  • Hotels with less in-house activities often handout leaflets recommending restaurants & tours off the hotel premises.
  • Activities outside the hotel are provided by third party companies, you need to additionally budget other activities.
  • You love to spend time at the pool, but spent more time looking for a suitable spot as its crowded most of the time.
  • You may like to keep an eye on your children, allow them to enjoy their holiday as well. But, you have to obey certain hotel rules.

Once you’re days run out and you’re on the way home, you easily conclude that everything was OK, but also quite expensive. Nothing much different from your previous holiday. Do you recognise some of the above flashbacks from your last holiday? If so, please continue and find your own answers to hotel or villa for your next holiday!

Villa Kameni Dvori – A Holiday Home Rental

This is a rural villa with swimming pool and may have all the advantages that you are expecting. Let’s see if this spikes your interest and makes a difference to “hotel or villa”! Regardless if you are spending your next holiday with children or not, you probably want to relax and pace your own activities as you feel best fit. You want to enjoy your friends and family without crowded receptions, restaurants or swimming pools. Without the typical long buffet lines. Without leaving the keys at the reception every time you leave the room.

To start off, imagine a luxurious rustic home villa with five bedrooms on two connected floors surrounded by green meadows (accommodates up to 11 people).

Imagine a rural villa with plenty of space for kids to freely enjoy. Enough activities in the vicinity as well as additional attractions in the city Dubrovnik nearby.

A pool and terrace with barbecue area of your own, where you can spend time whenever you feel like it.

Hotel or Villa - What Friends & Family Choose!

Villas often have high quality standards and can blow you away with their charm, originality and comfort. Here, you will not feel like one of many guests of a huge hotel. Especially, if you choose a luxury villa and a host that lives next door that welcomes you warmly every day. Someone is available to help you plan your vacation according to your interests and your special requirements. This area (20 minutes from down town Dubrovnik) also offers you the opportunity to taste local food and wine, rich food for both the younger and elder generations. Such natural aromas cannot be found in fast foods. Who doesn’t enjoy preparing his own barbecue (or have it prepared for you).

The Konavle region has beautiful landscapes, places to walk, hike and even ride bikes.

A villa can also be an Oasis for children in plenty ways! If you are accompanied by children, this property has its own playground as well a few farm animals and green meadows most children enjoy.

These are just a few things not easily found at every hotel or villa.

Hotel or Villa - Lovorno, Konavle, Dubrovnik

Yes, we think you can really enjoy the perfect friends and family holiday in a Villa. A place where you feel relaxed, comfortable and luxurious at the same time. We often ask guests their opinion on “hotel or villa” and most answer similarly:

A hotel is definitely not the place for friends and family on vacation that want to relax and feel at home. If you want to experience something exciting and new, a holiday villa is an unbeatable option & often the best bargain!

Villa Kameni Dvori in Konavle is only 20 minutes drive from the old City of Dubrovnik. Arranging a visit there is easily managed any time. View more villa photos or learn more about our villa or just take a look at what others say about Kameni Dvori.

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