Kameni Dvori Holiday Village 2016

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Kameni Dvori Holiday Village in 2016 & Review of 2015

We hope you are looking forward to 2016. We believe it will be an even better year than 2015, which was the best business year for Kameni Dvori Holiday Village so far.

Many visitors and guests from all over the world visited us last year. Some off them enjoyed Kameni Dvori Holiday Village accommodation only, many of them also took part of one or more day tours that we regularly organize and some just enjoyed our freshly prepared domestic food at the Kameni Dvori Holiday Village Tavern Inn.

Other guests just drop bye to buy our home made domestic products that we produced by ourselves; red & white wines, various brandies, extra virgin olive oil, dried figs…etc..

We are very happy and feel overwhelmed when we read all the great reviews & testimonials from our guests. All are very satisfied with the Kameni Dvori Holiday Village Villa as well as Cottage accommodation, with our products, our domestic drinks and food and with our services. We really enjoy every group and we feel and share their happiness. Holiday Village is a small family business and all members of the family enjoys serving guests to make each feel special.

The last year was very important and innovative year for us. It was the first year we started renting a cottage in our vineyards. Its a special small construction, a cottage made by ourselves.

Some couples from United Kingdom, Japan, Italy, USA and Germany booked the cottage for their honeymoons after a wedding at the Villa. They picked the vegetables from our gardens in front of the cottage. They made bike tours all around the Konavle area.

Kameni Dvori Holiday Village cottage

Kameni Dvori Holiday Village villa

Last year, we also started with our five & seven day program tours. This was enjoyed by guests from different countries that never met before to spend seven day tours together. Some even shared the villa for their entire vacation. They enjoyed biking together, wine tours, a boat trip and walking tours in the Konavle area. Our cooking classes are the most popular program for guests and include, picking the vegetables from the garden, making home made bread, milking a goat at the nearest farm and getting to know local aromatic herbs.

For the season 2016 we have more plans. We’ll produce good quality white and red wines from our own vineyards. We’ll also prepare a few different kind off brandies. Last year we prepared the carob brandy for the first time.
Last year was also a good season of figs, so we prepared many dried figs for the future guests. As a welcome sweet, we prepare a must cake and a sweets from the quince. Till the end off last year, we harvested olives and we produced extra virgin olive oil.

Kameni Dvori Holiday Village wine cellar

Kameni Dvori Holiday Village dishes

We start planting local fruits & vegetables in the garden very soon. In this year we have some new members on the farm, a group of 10 free running chicks so we will have fresh eggs soon as well.

Last autumn we prepared many pickled vegetables for our guests and ourselves. During the Christmas holidays we salted and smoked enough meat that so we can serve sausages, ham and other traditional meat products in the summer time.

We placed two new air conditioning units in our Tavern Inn and wood stove to make an eve more comfortable ambience. We’eve prepared the villa and renovated certain parts for the new season 2016. For 2016, we have some new tours planned for our returning guests, because we believe each guest should have the option to experience something new.

Kameni Dvori Holiday Village is ready for the new season 2016. Have you already decided where you will spend your next unique holiday? If not, you are certainly welcome to contact us! View 2016 Villa & Cottage rates here.

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