Kameni Dvori Konavle Sunny Spring Season

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Accurate Weather Measured for Kameni Dvori Konavle Sunny Spring!

Kameni Dvori recently installed their own private weather station, which continuously monitors weather conditions (measured by the hour) and forecasts the weather for Lovorno, Kameni Dvori Holiday Village. The trusted computing (automation) weather forecast is based on the ECMWF forecasting model. Right after the initial installation, it accurately showed that Kameni Dvori Konavle Sunny Spring time has arrived and is here to stay for a while to come!

After a rainy March, nice and sunny days finally came to Dubrovnik and the Konavle area. Kameni Dvori Konavle Spring is sunnier than ever! First, swallows from the south started arriving. The beautiful sunny weather woke up our turtles from their hibernation and winter sleep.

The nature is finally green again and flowers blossom all around. Now, Kameni Dvori Konavle Sunny Spring is sure to continue with many beautiful days ahead for all those visiting Dubrovnik and Konavle area.

Kameni Dvori Konavle Sunny Spring Turtles waking up from winter sleep

The geographical location and the Mediterranean climate in Konavle still enjoys the typical change in weather for all four seasons of the year. Kameni Dvori Konavle Sunny Spring starts with just a little rainfall and then continues with beautiful and sunny days!

Kameni Dvori Konavle Sunny Spring flower blossom

The average temperature in April is 14 °C and in May is 18.5 °C. Summer is almost guaranteed as very pleasant!

June, July and August each bring more than 300 hours of sunshine per month! The highest number of days are bright, and rain is rare.

In July and August the temperature often exceeds 30 °C, and the average daily temperature during the summer tourist season is around 25 °C.

The beginning of autumn usually remains warm and dry like in the summer, but at the end of October slowly comes a cooler and wetter period. Winter in Dubrovnik is also pleasant, and the average daily temperature are around 10 °C. Temperatures rarely fall below freezing 0 °C and snow is also very rare (maybe every 8 years or so). The period of more rainfall, which start in Autumn, continues in the winter. Average annual rainfall is 1250 mm of rain. As you may know, this climate has positive effects on the nervous system and human health. Here’s some interesting data about the average annual number of sunshine hours in Croatia and other parts of Europe and the world:

Konavle, Dubrovnik, Croatia – Average 2623 Hours of Sunshine Per Year!

Zagreb, Croatia 1889 hours
Barcelona, Spain 2500 hours
Rome, Italy 2273 hours
Dublin, Ireland 1580 hours
London, United Kigdom 1500 hours
Oslo, Norway 1632 hours

Edinburgh, Scotland 1350 hours
Bergen, Italy 1224 hours
Tokyo, Japan 1965 hours
Berlin, Germany 1837 hours
Paris, France 1700 hrs hours
Aswan, Egypt 3863 hrs hours


If you are interested in the Lovorno Konavle area weather, especially for the period you plan to stay in Lovorno, check Kameni Dvori Holiday Village Accurate weather forecasts. If you’ve ever enjoyed the Kameni Dvori Konavle sunny Spring season, please share this article with your friends!