Kameni Dvori – Family “Mujo” Agritourism (Rural Tourism) in Konavle, Croatia

We believe to live in the most beautiful part of the world and feel very proud of this. We are certain that you will enjoy the moment of rural Mediterranean peace, the values of Kameni Dvori property, our Adventure programs, Gastronomy and Wine! With joy we share this with all our visitors. The Family Mujo would like to enhance your stay and assist in planning a memorable holiday vacation full of enjoyment. Please view our recent Testimonials!

Agritourism by Family Mujo, Kameni Dvori Lovorno, Konavle, CroatiaAgritourism by Family Mujo, Kameni Dvori Lovorno, Konavle, Croatia


The grand Oak tree guards the property and is the pride of our farm. This Croatian autochthonous „sessile“ Oak emerged around 1850. Since it can live up to 1000 years, is still considered very young. Its massive trunk and lush foliage overhang the Villa. Its large shade calmly follows constantly occupied family generations. It remembers how our folk’s gathered acorn, secured hay lofts, raised cows and oxen, planted herbs, threshing wheat and building old stone hedges and walls. The Oak Tree rejoices and twinkles when children are playing beneath, sadly squeals when funerals depart to chapel St. Anne. Sit under this oak tree and you will feel tranquillity.