The Family “Mujo” Introduction

The family “Mujo” has lived in this region for a very long time. Written archive documents indicate that our ancestors lived on this property in the early 16th century. Today, we are a family counting eighteen sharing the family name; “Mujo”. With our respected and still vital parents, Ivo and Stane, we are three brothers, Duro, Ivo and Vlaho with our wives, Nike, Katarina and Helena. We all together enjoy ten children; Stanka, Nika, Ivo, Marija, Niksa, Petra, Ivan, Vlaho, Ana and little Matija.

Kameni Dvori, Lovorno, Konavle, Croatia, Family MujoKameni Dvori, Lovorno, Konavle, Croatia, Family Mujo

We strive to enrich and make your holiday special and more meaningful. This is why we designed new programs for an active family holiday. It is solely up to you to decide whether you want to relax and listen to the silence and harmonious sounds of nature or actively get familiarized with the regions rich culture and tradition.


Our Vision

We have a Vision to continuously develop and enrich our establishment. Not only to please all our visitors with the services we provided, rather among all feel the true value of Rural Tourism.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to be part of a strong team where our efforts will contribute to the promotion and development of the Konavle region as a destination of excellence in rural tourism (Agritourism).


Konavle Rebellion 1799 (Cvijeto Mujo)

One of the leaders in the Rebellion against the Dubrovnik Republic (Republic of Ragusa at that time) was our ancestorCvijeto Mujo” who was the Village counsellor and a well-known merchant.

Reasons for the Rebellion were not only because of the poor economic situation at the time, but also strongly influenced by the way locals were treated by the Raguza Aristocracy. The rebels managed to liberate Konavle and sustained freedom for nearly four months. Later, due to skilful diplomacy of the Aristocrats, the Rebellion was crushed and peasants were unbound from responsibility and certain laws which have caused prior dissatisfaction.

In 1800 the Rebellion Leaders were sentenced to death by hanging. Our ancestorCvijeto” made refuge in the Ottoman Empire area, behind Snjeznica Mountain. Unlike the Dubrovnik Republic, he was rather lucky. He was saved from the final prosecution when Napoleon abolished the Dubrovnik Republic, and with it all its laws and convictions.

Unfortunately, part of the judgment was nevertheless executed. His house was burned and destroyed. At this very place, the soil was sprinkled with salt so that no grass can grow. On this particular site, as a warning to others, gallows were built with a wooden doll hanged, that was supposed to resemble our late descendent.

In 1806 he returned home and built a new house in the vicinity (not at the same haunted place). He lived long and had ten children.