Menu Typical Meals & Dishes

The “Tavern Inn” at Kameni Dvori is unique because of its traditional Konavle Menu Typical Meals, all prepared with original recipes from carefully selected local products grown on the family farm. The Konavle kitchen is generally very similar to Dalmatian cuisine, with distinct flavour differences.

It is similar to most traditional foods across the Dalmatian coast, but specific due to its notable elements of the Dubrovnik republic “Ragusa Cuisine”.

Konavle Menu Typical Meals & DishesKonavle Menu Typical Meals & Dishes

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Kameni Dvori Tavern Inn – Current Menu

Our Typical Menus-Meals & DishesOur Typical Menus-Meals & Dishes

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Fish is a little less present, yet vegetables, smoked ham and mutton dominate. The dishes are still simple and easy to prepare, with plenty vegetables well sprinkled with healthy olive oil. Some of the Menu Typical Meals and dishes are somewhat spicy, often with added natural flavours that were often found more on the tables of the “Ragusa” aristocrats of the past.

For example “Mantala” or so called “Sporki Makaruli” cannot be prepared without cloves, nutmeg and cinnamon. This all is a brilliant mixture of influences of the Mediterranean and East e.g. Wine, Padišpanj (pan de Espana) as well as Turkish coffee go well with meat dishes cooked under a bell. 

Our most original dish is „Konavoska Menestra“. It has been traditionally cooked in Konavle homes for centuries. It’s a calorie rich meal and depending on the season, it may be prepared in two main varieties, green or white. The main ingredients of this dish are several types of dried pork, a few types of cabbage and some added vegetables. You should not miss tasting this meal within your stay with us. Other unique selections are roast under the bell or a variety of grills.


Cooking Classes – Traditional Meals

Cooking classes – for those who want to learn how to prepare some of our traditional menu typical meals. Apart from Croatia’s hospitality, beautiful scenery, proximity and security, Gastronomy is the one of the main reasons for many visitors arriving to our region. We encourage you to come and taste our traditional meals and dishes. We have the ability to teach you how to prepare some of our traditional dishes. Our experienced hosts will do their best to prepare meals in both educational and fun manner.

Domestic Cooking School, Konavle, CroatiaDomestic Cooking School, Konavle, Croatia

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At the end of your class you will receive a certificate of successful education in preparing our traditional menu typical meals. You will learn how to prepare and bake a delicious pie, our Konavle Menestra or traditional sweets. See more Traditional Recipes. Please keep in mind that, preparing tasty and quality meals needs fresh products from our farm gardens, which we shall pick and acquire together with you.