Our Wine Cellar Wines

A drop of good wine is an essential part of every meal in Konavle. Konavle is a wine region where most people lived from making wine for centuries. People here enjoy moderate consumption all year round. The quality of our wines varies depending on the sort of grapes & different farming practices. Modern Konavle wines are of high quality. Plenty of sunny days year round and the soil structure are perceived as reason for their high alcohol content (13-15%). Obviously, this contributes to the fullness of flavour with a distinctive aroma.

Wine Cellar WinesWine Cellar Wines

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Our wine cellar wines perfectly complete all meals and dishes served at the Konavle region. The most famous white wine is the famous “Malvasia”, made from indigenous grape variety of the Dubrovnik “Malvasia” grape sort. Is best when served at 10-12 º C, it gives a very interesting flavour and bouquet. Our produced wine “Malvasia – Kameni Dvori” is classified as a supreme quality wines, with 14.8% alcohol. Its characteristics are equal to the best Konavle region Malvasia wine cellar wines. It is recommended and often served as an aperitif or with roast under the bell and light meals such as risotto and fish dishes.


From Konavle red wines, we present our distinguished “Kameni Dvori- Merlot”. A rich smell and fresh ruby colour, with moderate tannin that gives the wine a pleasant and interesting taste. It is recommended and served best at a temperature of 18-20 º C. Enjoyed best with strong meat dishes, prosciutto, and cheese in olive oil as well as “Konavoska Menestra”. In the Kameni Dvori Old Tavern, you can also taste all the wines of this region, such as Marastina, Plavac, Posip, Cabernet, Zinfandel and others that are on the shelves of our wine cellar.