Konavle Local Specialities for Audi Quattro

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Konavle Local Specialities introduced to Audi Quattro Teams

Just a couple of weeks ago, a series of powerful Audi Quattro caravans tested the Roads of the Konavle region. The team was hosted at the “Kameni DvoriTavern Inn and presented with Konavle Local Specialities.

After their pre tour meeting in Dubrovnik, Audi organized an exclusive presentation of Audi Sport car modelsS” and “RS“, included in the “Audi Land of Quattro – Croatian Tour 2015“. Various test drives through the Konavle region were organized for partners of Audi.

The beginning of this Croatia tour started at the very south of Croatia, in Dubrovnik, next to Konavle.

Just before the event began, Kamani Dvori organized the Audi group a tour of the nearby “Sokol castle” and presented a part of Konavle history and tradition. The test drives took place mainly on the village roads from Gruda to Ljuta. Croatia’s off road champion “Niko Pulic” often organized a rally in Konavle on these same roads. It’s a dynamic road with lots of turns and was enjoyed by drivers of these Audi sports cars. The beautiful landscape of the Konavle region is a part of a protected area of nature. A clear and sunny day complemented this spectacular event.

The premium brand from Ingolstadt, Germany presented its top models such as the Audi Sportback S1, S3 Limo, RS Q3, the RS 4 Avant, RS 6 Avant to the Konavle area. Among them, the very attractive cabriolet Audi TTR and luxury sports cruiser Audi S8 Limo. All models had the Quattro drive and were equipped with the best available extras. The test drives thruough Konavle roads lasted for about three hours.

The team was hosted at the Tavern of “Kameni Dvori” with Konavle Local Specialities. All the food & drinks were local and traditional: two-year old prosciutto, several kinds of smoked meat, several types of local cheeses, a unique home made bread (baked under the bell). The Konavle Local Specialities were enjoyed by our guests, especially well known Kameni Dvori “lovorno skewer” & traditional cabbage meal “zelena menestra“.

Later that day, the Audi team in the company of various journalists, continued to drive from Dubrovnik to Zagreb to finalise the “Audi Land of Quattro – Croatian Tour 2015”. A dedicated film crew followed the whole event from land and air. Watch the tour highlights on video: Audi Croatia Youtube.

If interested in organising unique events at Kameni Dvori, simply contact us with your requirements.