Konavle Wine Route Tours

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Dubrovnik Wine Route Tours in the Konavle Area

The Dubrovnik region of Konavle is a unique area taking into account numerous parameters. The climate, the landscape and the cultural crossroads presented here are a definite must-see. Konavle wine route tours are the best way to enjoy the region and truly experience what it has to offer. Enjoy several local delicatessens made of homemade ingredients which represent the rich local history. Most noteworthy, taste one of the best known Konavle wines, the “Malvasia wine“.

According to historical findings, the name “Malvasia” first appeared as early as 1383. An interesting fact: it is believed that Malvasia originates from Greece, but the wine sort doesn’t exist there today. Taking one of Konavle wine route tours will unleash your inner hedonist because the drinks and meals offered during the tour are truly worthy of Gods.

The Konavle Wine Route Tours Experience

These wine tours try to capture the ancient Konavle spirit present til today. However, it can only be truly experienced with the help of locals and their hospitality.

En route await best known winemakers in Konavle and beyond, who will prepare several sorts of wine for you to enjoy and compare. These wines have been driven to perfection over centuries of hard manual work. With its rich history, they will always remain somewhere around or at the very throne of Croatian wines.

Dubrovnik Konavle Wine Route Tours - Konavle Wine Tasting

The Mujo family has been cultivating vineyards for generations. Not so much for profit as for nurturing the centuries-old tradition of wine making in the family. Their vineyards are an ideal natural, soothing environment where you can taste various liquors and dessert wines like “Prošek”. Therefore, Konavle wine route tours will give you the unique opportunity to see why the region has the reputation for being a wine heaven.

Taking a stroll along one of the vineyard rows with a bit of liquid gold in your hand is a very calming experiences. Ideally, barefoot and in true contact with the nature. Consequently, such meditating steps help regain that spiritual and mental stability needed for your daily dose of Karma.

Additionally, Konavle wine route tours make it possible for you to visit several different vineyards and experience various smells, colors and terrains.

Dubrovnik Konavle Wine Route Tours - Vineyards

Finally, the tour will end with a savoury homemade meal served in front of a typical Konavle villa. Therefore, this delicious and socially ideal end of the tour gives you a chance to process all the things you saw and exchange impressions over a glass of chilled Malvasia. Book this popular Konavle wine route tour now.

Last But Not Least Of The Wine Route Tours

In addition, during Konavle wine tours, you are also taken to a few distinguished local masters of olive production. Olives and its countless uses are another integral part of the regional spirit and heritage. All things “Olives & Olive Oil”! Participants can also taste olive cakes, tea and liquor in these tours. View how the Family Mujo makes its own Extra Virgin Olive oil.

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