Local Cooking Classes On The Rise

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Kameni Dvori Local Cooking Classes Become Very Popular

Everybody is aware of the benefits the Mediterranean cuisine has on our well being. The healthy tradition has been passed on from one generation to the next for thousands of years. So, Kameni Dvori wants to share these precious secrets with you during local cooking classes. The Mujo family is keen on preserving the local tradition and this is where you come in. The Kameni Dvori villa is located in the Konavle region, which makes Dubrovnik the nearest big city.

These local cooking lessons will teach you how people have been eating for hundreds of years. Preparing and cooking delicious food with seasonal and local fresh ingredients the old fashion way!

Today, Dubrovnik offers several places that offer cooking classes. Kameni Dvori is proud to be among the first to start these local cooking classes in Dubrovnik. This year, we count over a thousand satisfied guests that enjoyed there own cooked local meals.

Local Cooking Classes & preparing fresh ingredients

Local Cooking Classes and slicing homemade ham

Needless to say, fresh produce picked from the hosts garden will be on disposal! All ingredients used are home-made or from nearby farms. In addition, another great feature is that, all meals are prepared without modern appliances. This means no electricity or running water! Only the water from the well in the garden and an open fire.

First of all, while preparing and cooking, you can sip on the finest Konavle region wine and enjoy homemade ham (prosciutto).

Finally, you’ll enjoy what you’ve prepared together with the host. The hosts are more than happy to share family stories and local customs with the guests.

Furthermore, dinner under the open sky is the perfect way to end such joyful event.

A cooking experience to take home and use whenever you want with whomever you want!

Local Cooking Classes enjoyed by Kameni Dvori guests

More About Kameni Dvori Unique Cooking Classes

It’s not only about receiving a certificate and exchange of experiences. You will learn about the health benefits that the local cuisine brings. You will receive enough know how to cook something local yourself and surprise your friends and family. The Konavle cooking experience will let you in on many little secrets that will make your home cooking shine!

If you are interested in learning more about our unique cooking classes in Dubrovnik, please contact us or view details about our cooking classes.