Restaurant or Agritourism Tavern

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Restaurant or Agritourism Tavern – Check Advantages & Disadvantages!

Although we all care about our health and would like to eat more healthy food, we often just simply enjoy restaurant food as long as it’s tasty. Wherever we may be travelling (on holiday, on a business trip or even on honey moon) a major concern is „Where and what do we eat? “. When it comes to food, we are often picky! Sometimes we go along with a trendy brand restaurants, but often it depends on the time and budget available. If time is short and we are really hungry, we often choose fast-food restaurant. If we have more time and money, than we search and choose a good restaurant.

However, have you ever heard about an Agritourism Tavern? Did you know that Agritourism has plenty to do with healthy tasty food, and has also become trendy? Those that would like to experience something different to a typical restaurant should continue reading. View a comparison between a typical Restaurant and Agritourism Tavern.

Similar to Restaurants, every Agritourism offering is different. The major difference to restaurants is that, Agritourism is about home cooked meals and tasteful seasonal food which is prepared fresh by skilful hosts in a traditional way. Often depending on the area’s climate, seasonality, agriculture & local traditions. This makes every Agritourism Tavern unique!

If we look closer at today’s dynamic lifestyle and its fast-food driven trends, traditional taverns (historically very similar to Agritourism taverns) are a true Oasis of tastes and aromas! Most of the time, they are located in rural areas and offer much more than the basic satisfaction of food. In some countries these kind of offerings have become well established and very trendy. It seems to be most trendy in some Mediterranean countries, traditionally known for rich and healthy cuisine. In Croatia, there are more and more people (locals as well as visitors) which seek just this kind of experience. Unfortunately, not always around the corner or in the city/town centres, rather deeper into the countryside.

Advantages & Disadvantages – Typical Restaurant vs. Agritourism Tavern

Restaurants are a predefined and widely accepted business form. You order, receive and pay for food & service. In some cases you also pay a special ambient. There is no doubt that there is a wide variety and great choice of restaurants depending on budget, mood, and desired theme. But, in relation to guests, they all have very common characteristics:

Restaurant Advantages

All restaurant have regular working hours and you will find them open in specified hours.

Most of them offer value for money and more/less quality food.

They are located at an expected area, place which are easily accessible (shopping malls, city centres, rest locations, business areas, etc.) so usually easy to find.

In many good restaurants you will find professional and friendly staff which will obey every rule in the book to keep their guests privacy undisturbed.

Some restaurants may have an accent on the overall ambient, so except good food you can also enjoy quite background music, or a more natural or cultural ambient.

Restaurant crowded full

Restaurant Disadvantages

The Food offer is often very similar, universal and unified so you can feel there is not too much creativity and originality. In most restaurants, 60% of the menu is identical.

In most restaurants, you are just one of many guests and if you are lucky you will find a restaurant that has a discreet corner where nobody will disturb you.

Many times, various food ingredients bought at wholesale markets or imported.

Sometimes food ingredients are bought on local markets and you have no idea who is actually the producer, so you cannot be sure in its quality.

Many restaurants usually have staff fluctuation because of seasonality and they often come from other regions or areas. Though well educated, the recommendations are not always fully trusted when laying out the freshest or healthiest meals available.

The price usually depends on the category of the restaurant. Its similar everywhere and a common rule usually applies: If you want to eat well in a good restaurant you will have pay the price.

Space pays a big role. Often the owners depend on a certain amount of meals sold every day or evening. The more tables the easier it is to achieve the aimed profit.

Sometime you’ll have the feeling that the owners want you to go soon as you have finished, because somebody else is waiting for your place.


An Agritourism Tavern is similar to traditional taverns but usually at a farm or rural area. Agritourism offers originality & traditional dishes, individual approach and unforgettable experiences. Compared with typical restaurants, there is a big difference in what Agritourism Taverns offer. Visitors who seek this kind of offer do not visit Agritourism because they are hungry, rather because they want to experience something much different. They experience and meet with the local population and get to know the culture and mentality of the place that they are visiting.

Agritourism Tavern Advantages

When you arrive at an Agritourism Tavern you arrive at someone’s home. These are usually consistent and originally decorated parts of a property where you will be welcomed by a family and you will almost feel like you are visiting relatives or friends. Domestic hospitality is one of the most important qualities of Agritourism.

Agritourism usually has an individual approach so you are usually the only guests. You will not be one of the many in a restaurant, and probably be served at the highest level of attention.

The meals you taste will not be perfectly served, but you’ll get something simple and very delicious, because they are usually traditional dishes from grandma’s kitchen, e.g. the scent of home-made bread is unforgettable.

You will be sure that the majority of the ingredients grown right in the garden or bought from neighbours. After all you can check this by yourself. The hosts will definitely be proud to show you their gardens and crops. If you desire, you will be able to pick fruits and vegetables, or even participate in the preparing or cooking.

During your stay you will have enough time to talk with family members and learn more about local customs and interesting places surrounding the location. Here you simply have enough time to feel more than just enjoying the food. Traditional meals are domestic and original and you may easily come across delicious meals for the first time in your life.

The final value for money will surely be a pleasant surprise. You order a traditional menu, but for that price you get a relaxing half-day experience of local hospitality and Agritourism.

Agritourism Tavern Disadvantages

Most Agritourism Taverns are located in villages away from city or even town centres so you will need find them and get there somehow.

Most Agritourism Taverns work on reservation basis only and you should announce your arrival in advance. Otherwise you may find the door closed because the hosts are working in their fields.

You must accept the fact that you will not be able to order whatever you want. You will have to choose among local and seasonal food only. However, it’s definitely tasty, nutritious and healthy food.

Agritourism Tavern Inn Restaurant


Kameni Dvori Tavern Inn – Located in Konavle, Dubrovnik, Croatia.

The Kamani Dvori Tavern is a place where you will enjoy all the Added Value of the rural countryside area of Konavle, Dubrovnik. Agritourism Kameni Dvori is a unique place that you should visit if you want to experience the culture and lifestyle of the Dubrovnik countryside. You will be surprised by the rich traditional dishes and meals, excellent wines and liqueurs which you can taste only here. Friendly hosts, harmonious original rustic property and interesting stories will complete your experience. Upon arrival you will be introduced to the family “Mujo” and learn something about this beautiful property. View more about our Tavern Inn & Konavle Local specialities and do not forget to share this post.