Spring in Rural Dubrovnik – Konavle

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Experience Spring in Rural Dubrovnik

Spring is always the most beautiful time of the year in the “Konavle” area of Dubrovnik. During spring in rural Dubrovnik, nature starts to open its eyes and slowly come to life once again. This time of the year is lovely everywhere, but especially in rural Dubrovnik. Just imagine nature being woken up by spring time! Add the astonishing Mediterranean feel and thousands of aromatic plants getting greener and greener. Visit rural Dubrovnik in spring if you aren’t keen on hot summer temperatures or crowded tourist places. Spring in Konavle has the ideal mild Mediterranean climate and it still remains a sleeping beauty before the summer season.

Whatever you set out to do whilst spending spring in rural Dubrovnik, you are bound to unwind, relax and recharge your batteries! Leave the stressful periods when much of your time has to be spent in an office or at work generally. Choosing Konavle for your spring destination is the best choice for both your physical and spiritual well being. No matter your physical abilities, spring in rural Dubrovnik offers activities for everybody.

Just a few popular spring activities in Konavle

For example, hiking alongside nature experts who will portray the beauty and versatility of the Konavle vegetation.

Cycling through the Konavle region or, perhaps a tranquil walk in a lush green vineyard.

The Konavle vineyards are home to some of the best wines in Croatia. Vineyards carefully grown by the family Mujo using centennial recipes.

Spring in Rural Dubrovnik - Konavle nature hiking or cycling

In Konavle, ancient recipes for wine making, incredible dishes and various liqueurs have been passed down from generation to generation. Now you have the opportunity to become a part of the ancient rural Dubrovnik traditional living by participating in all daily farm activities. Or, just by enjoying the stunning ancient architecture and breathtaking style of the living spaces, cuddled up in front of a fireplace.

All these activities are within your reach if you decide to spend the spring in the Kameni Dvori Villa estate. A Villa estate that has been in the family for centuries.

The villa “Kameni Dvori” has been dubbed one of the most beautiful villas in Dalmatia.

A carefully designed Mediterranean garden being home to a refreshing pool and, for many a spring holiday destination of choice!

Spring in Rural Dubrovnik - Kameni Dvori Holiday Village Konavle

Love to cook? You can learn how to cook menestra for instance, one of the most famous dishes in the region that has been feeding countless generations until this day.

Finally, we hope you have recognised the modest and somewhat shy but nevertheless rich beauty of rural Dubrovnik. Therefore, let us soon enjoy spring in rural Dubrovnik with fun, relaxing and educational experiences together at the Kameni dvori holiday village estate.

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