Villas with Swimming Pools in Croatia

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Exclusive Villas with Swimming Pools in Croatia

After the War of Independence finally finished in 1995, villas with swimming pools in Croatia have slowly started to emerge. There were some visually unsuccessful solutions scattered along the Croatian coast. However, as years went by, more and more stunning villas equipped with swimming pools started to spring up.

The most “swimming pool-populated” region is by far the Istria peninsula, with villas offering a refreshing poolside shadow and a beautiful sunny view. Meanwhile, the most southern part of the Croatia’s coast, the Dubrovnik county was a bit behind with such offer. Ever since, an increasing number of hosts opted for building a swimming pool and today there are quit a few.

According to, the most beautiful villas with swimming pools in Croatia, are scattered all over the country. They range from the northernmost Varaždin County, all the way to the south, like the Villa Kameni Dvori in the Konavle region of the Dubrovnik county. Proclaimed as one of the most beautiful stone houses in the region, Villa Kameni Dvori stands out in many ways!

From a Family House to Exclusive Villa with Swimming Pool

Historically, Villa Kameni Dvori served the purpose of a large family home, with almost all architectural features preserved. However, the Mujo family decided to expand the offer by building a swimming pool in place of its century old barn.

This was the only change to the original villa architecture. Converted into an oasis of refreshment, today’s exclusive swimming pool serves a much better purpose then a barn.

Villas with Swimming Pools in Croatia - Villa Kameni Dvori in Konavle, Dubrovnik

Lush Mediterranean vegetation rich in both flavor and smell surround Villa Kameni Dvori. This is a paradise for your senses with an exclusive pool at hand to cool off during hot summer days, or nights.

Equipped with all modern amenities, the villa still gives you the experience of traditional relaxing ways of local life. Experience stunning views from terraces surrounding the Villa Kameni Dvori.

Villas with Swimming Pools in Croatia - Villa Kameni Dvori Property, Dubrovnik

The spacious vintage terraces face the marvel of the Konavle valley, such a soothing view you will always come back to in the future for comfort, joy and happiness.

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